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        130 Most Productive Catching Scenarios
        in the Pacific Northwest

        Scenarios 121 through 124

"Just" For Little Kids

121. Real young kids want action, and they donít mind tiny fish. Dale takes his little nephew to our GPS coordinates in Whatcom County, Washington. The little guy often only has to wait 12 seconds for a strike from a real tiny panfish!

122. Voted fastest fishing in the NW in one poll: Yaquina Bay herring jigging (take your kids herring jigging, then later you go out in the ocean for some of the best coho/tuna fishing in Oregon) by Newport, Oregon.

123. If you want to take little kids fishing and donít have a boat, take them to our spot on Moses Lake in Central Washington. When scouting-out potential trips for his little nephew, Dale seemed to get about a strike every 3rd cast or so, there. Two 3 lb. trout were caught within shouting distance when he was there last.

124. Whatcom Falls Park kid's fishing derbyÖ.fun. Your kid will probably run towards the awards stand to get their fish registered ASAP!

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