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        130 Most Productive Catching Scenarios
        in the Pacific Northwest

        Scenarios 88 through 120

Big or "Trophy" fish, under 70 hookups/boat/weekend

88. Langara Island on central BC coast is the best saltwater fishing for Kings in the world (except for Alaska's top few spots.) It's the first land mass migrating Chinook hit as they return from Alaska.

89. Hakai Pass on the BC coast….one of world’s best saltwater Chinook fisheries.

90. Weekday on Chilliwack/Vedder targeting kings (but good numbers of coho….+ incidental chum), in SW BC. Dave Vedder wrote that, over 5 days, he and a buddy combined for a total of about 150 hookups on kings.

91. Bonneville's consistent over-sized sturgeon fishing, with this guide….biggest fish in the NW! Dale landed an 11’ fish.

92. More 50 to 60 pound Kings caught at Rivers Inlet than any other BC spot. 40 pound average!

93. Skeena River system, in Northern BC, for Kings. Best huge King fishery in world (except Alaska)! A 50 to 70 lb. king is feasible. Guide probably best.

94. Albacore Tuna (15 to 35 pounds) are practically the best fighters around! You and 2 buddies combining for 40-50 hookups on the 2 day charter would not be unusual during our peak window period at Westport, Washington.

95. Kings at Tofino, or Port Hardy, on Vancouver Island. One of BC’s most productive saltwater king salmon fishing.

96. Nootka/Tahsis saltwater big Chinook on west coast Vancouver Island.

97. Stamp/Somass River for kings (& coho) on Vancouver Island. At one time, it's hatchery was one of the absolute most productive in the WORLD. A guide would be helpful.

98. A father and his two sons could combine to hook into 20+ kings fishing over 2 weekdays on the Samish River (NW Washington), when water conditions are very good.

99. Arguably as good as any of the Chinook spots on the west coast of the US (Canada's Port Renfrew launch, on Vancouver Island, across from Neah Bay Washington.)

100. Best halibut in the continental US?: Neah Bay offshore, US waters, targeting halibut (+ other bottom fish)

101. Brookings (Chetco River mouth area) launch for Oregon saltwater Chinook (+ possible coho).

102. Famed Babine River's early fall mixed bag of salmon, steelhead, trout, in Northern BC.

103. Most revered steelhead fly-fishing stream around: remote Dean River, fly-in, central BC.

104. Rogue River Chinook (+ possible coho), in SW Oregon, from a boat.

105. Some of the fastest steelhead action in the world: Clarkston Washington based trip on Snake River near Hells Canyon (or maybe lower Clearwater River) from a guided jet boat. Depends on water temperatures.

106. Westport, Washington for a king/coho/bottom-fish combo trip has some of the best catch-rates for coho/kings in the entire US!

107. Ilwaco (outside of the bar) has some of the best catch-rates for coho/kings in the entire US!

108. Off-shore king salmon (and coho) fishing near Bamfield and Uclulet on BC's Vancouver Island. It's so good that, for example, it might beat any of the spots on the west coast of the continental U.S.

109. Neah Bay for summer Kings in the morning. Then hook dozens of coho in the afternoon. One of the very best saltwater salmon spots in the continental US!

110. Dale's best blackmouth fishing ever (50/weekend for the boat) was on the edge of Barkley Sound (+ ocean?), in mid-June, before the commercial nets move in.

111. The first great saltwater fishing that Dale's family ever had: Sekiu Washington for summer Kings in the early morning. Then dozens of coho thereafter.

112. Weekday at Buoy 10 Columbia River mouth (inside the bar) kings/coho. Likely more total sport-caught salmon caught here than anywhere in the world?

113. Peak scenario on the best (next to the Columbia River) sturgeon river on the West Coast! BC's Fraser River with a guide. Can play dozens in a weekend, for the boat.

114. We hooked into 20 steelhead the 1st day there: Stamp/Somass for steelhead, with a guide. The #2 most productive steelhead scenario in the NW.

115. Cowlitz River winter steelhead, from a guided jet boat, is the most productive steelhead option in Western Washington. Summer can be great at times, too.

116. Arguably the best spring-time King salmon fishery in Washington: Spring Kings on the main-stem of Columbia River, from a boat with these guides! The boat hooking into (but not always landing!) a dozen kings over the weekend, during the peak window periods, is feasible.

117. Dale and his dad almost hit the 30lb. mark with saltwater Chinook near Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.

118. Halibut (+ other bottom fish, + possible salmon) at Port Hardy on NE Vancouver Island.

119. Wilson River steelhead, in Oregon. From a guide-boat, at first. Water conditions must be right.

120. Your best chance at a 15+ lb. trout in the entire western US? (Mackinaw…3lb. is average.) 55 minutes NE of Spokane. Priest Lake, Idaho, with a guide.

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