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1. Top scenarios for 200 to 300+ hookups per boat/weekend

2. Top scenarios for 100 to 200 hookups per boat/weekend

3. Top scenarios for 70 to 100 hookups per boat/weekend

4. Big or "Trophy" fish, under 70 hookups per boat/weekend

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        130 Most Productive Catching Scenarios
        in the Pacific Northwest

        Scenarios 75 through 87

Top Scenarios for 70 to 100 Hookups/Boat/Weekend

75. Isaac's Ranch Lakes in central Washington. Sometimes have lake to yourself. Huge trout on the fly. Pay-access.

76. Antone Ranch's Lakes for up to 8lb. trout, fly-fishing in spring. Central Oregon. Might have lake to yourself. Pay-access.

77. Wild Billy Lake for up to 8lb. trout, fly-fishing, in spring. SW Oregon. Might have lake to yourself. $150/rod.

78. Dale has hooked into 500 pounds of chums in a day, himself, on the Stave River. It is situated 13 miles north of the Washington border, near Mission BC. Like almost all fisheries, correct timing is crucial!

79. Dale has hooked dozens of salmon in a day on the Chehalis River east of Vancouver BC. Chums (+ some coho) are available.

80. Hudson Springs (a lake) in Central Washington. Huge trout on the fly. NOT crowded! Pay-access.

81. Trout fly-fishing lakes at Okanogan Springs, N Central Wa., when water is around 55 degrees. Might have lake to yourself. Pay-access.

82. Maybe the most productive fly-fishing lakes in North America for probably the highest jumping fish in freshwater - monster Kamloops rainbow trout. 3.2 pound average. Up to 8+ pounds! 70/boat/weekend is reasonable during this period. Not crowded! Stoney or Minnie Lakes in south central BC. Pay-access.

83. Columbia River sturgeon near Megler/Astoria Bridge. During the peak window period, a boat hooking 80+ fish over a weekend is not unheard of. You’ll need to release the vast majority of them. It can slow way down if your timing is wrong, however.

84. Dale knows of plenty of boats that play from 500 pounds to almost half a ton of chums over a weekend from Washington's Hood Canal saltwater beach areas for chums, at Finch Creek mouth. Yields some of the highest government fish-checker catch-rates for salmon that we've ever seen.

85. Hooking 90 black rockfish/boat/weekend is feasible at NW Washington's #2 black rockfish spot (Sekiu) during May.

86. Skokomish River chums (when open) by Washington's Hood Canal.

87. Dale feels might be "Washington's" best stream rainbow trout scenario: Skagit River 400 yards north of Whatcom County, in BC. Flows and temperatures need to be checked before you go.

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