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Fishing Advisors
Dave Vedder

Dave Vedder is a writer, photographer, author and lecturer. Dave’s numerous articles and books have helped Dale’s family have enjoyable outdoor experiences as much as any fishing educatorHe is a native Washingtonian and alumni of the Central Washington University. Dave's first fishing trips were when his mom and dad took him salmon fishing while still in diapers. His love of the sport began early and grows every year. His passion for fishing has taken him from Africa to Alaska and from The Marshall Island to Cuba. His primary fishing interests are steelhead, salmon, trout and pacific bottom fish, but Dave will travel anywhere on the globe where Adventure Angling are to be found.

Dave's writing is regularly featured in Western Outdoors, Western Angler, Salt Water Sportsman and Salmon Trout Steelheader. He has written more than 250 outdoor articles and a handful of angling humor articles. In 1997 he designed the Dave Vedder signature series of steel head rod sold by Lamiglas Inc.

Dave is the past President of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association and a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Dave's writing and photography achievements include an award for excellence by the Outdoor Writers of America in the category of Ethics in the Outdoors. He has won many awards for photography and writing from the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association.

In 1993 he wrote Steelhead Float Fishing published by Amato Publications. In 1995 along with Drew Harthorn co-authored Steelheading With Floats , also published by Amato Publications. Dave's photography has been featured on more than twenty magazine covers and his photos are often featured in advertisements, books and a variety of other media.

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Dave Graybill

A native of North Central Washington, Dave Graybill has fished this region for more than 40 years. He's also explored beyond, angling west to the WA coast, south to Oregon, east to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado…and around the Western Hemisphere, from Alaska and Canada to Mexico and Hawaii. For decades Dave has written for Hunting and Fishing News in Seattle, and provided features for Northwest Sport Fishing; Salmon, Trout, Steelheader; Washington-Oregon Fish and Game; North American Sportsman;;; and

Dave's pen is more active than ever these days. His columns appear in each issue of four Eastern Washington weekly newspapers -- The Leavenworth Echo, Cashmere Valley Record, Lake Chelan Mirror, and The Okanogan Valley Gazette Tribune, as well as in Friday editions of two daylies, Wenatchee World and the Columbia Basin Herald, and online at

If his words and wisdom haven't reached you in print, perhaps they have via airwaves. Dave provides “Outdoor Insider” reports to nine radio stations in Eastern Washington and Seattle: on ESPN Radio 900-AM; KKRV-FM, 104.7 in the Wenatchee market; KNCW-FM, in Omak; ESPN Radio 1020-AM and KWIQ-FM 100.3 in Moses Lake, broadcasting to North Central Washington; and KEYG-FM, which covers a vast region in the eastern part of the State. KXA-FM in Kittitas County has added Dave's reports, as has KEYG-AM in Grand Coulee and KVI-AM 570 in Seattle, covering Puget Sound. Listeners outside this broad network can read or hear his audio reports, features, articles, and other outdoor information by logging on to More than half a million a month already do just that.

You'll soon find out why. Dave's knowledge of his territory is simply encyclopedic, including not only famed venues like the Columbia, but waters off beaten tracks, brimming with fish of many species, which he'll pursue with all kinds of tackle.

For the record: Dave's sponsored by Valley Tractor and Boats and Smoker Craft, and is provided the use of Smoker Craft boats to do research for his reports, also by Cascade Auto Center and Chevrolet, which loans him a 2005 Chevy Tahoe to pull his "research vessel..."

Dale Dorcas

President and founder of The Fishing Coaches, a non-profit group
President and founder of The Homequest Fund, a non-profit group

Favorite lure: spoon!

Best fishing memory:
    Getting my little nephew into his first fish (a 16” trout),
    about 200' from his back yard.

Number of Kings landed that were 50 pounds or bigger:
    2 (not counting my "50 pounder" mentioned in Dean’s section, below).

Biggest fish: 11 foot long sturgeon
    (caught doing Catching Scenario ID#45).
Biggest coho: 18 lbs
    (caught doing Catching Scenario ID#325, but using a streamer fly….fun!).
Biggest Rainbow trout hooked: 7-8 lbs., estimated
    (hooked doing Catching Scenario ID#29).
Biggest Rainbow Trout landed: 5 1/2 pounds
    (caught doing Catching Scenario ID#29).
Biggest Largemouth Bass: 5 pounds.

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Board of Directors
Founder/President: Dale Dorcas

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Consultant: Katie Lawson

Best fishing memory:

  Many years ago, hearing my Mom’s excited “I caught one! I caught one!” as she hooked one 12 inch trout after another, fishing with my Dad (currently, is Catching Scenario ID#266).

Consultant: Dean Dorcas

President and co-founder of Integrated Management Systems

Best fishing memory:
    Having a tarpon take the snook that I was fighting!

Favorite single fish:

  I bet Dale that if one of us caught a 50 pound King that day that the other guy would buy him dinner. Dale landed what we were convinced was a 50 pounder. Then we actually weighed it and it was 47 pounds….Dale will never hear the end of the story of that “50 pound” King (Fishing Catching ID#387).
Biggest sockeye: 12 lbs
    (fishing with Dale, while doing Catching Scenario ID#144).
Biggest Bull Trout:
  13 lbs, which towed him and his partner around in their inflatable canoe (We have this as Catching Scenario ID#266).

CEO, Integrated Management Systems. Dean graduated #1in Economics and in the top 1% of his class from the U.S. Naval Academy. After spending five years as a commissioned officer in the Navy, Dean founded Integrated Management Systems (IMS), a Business Process Outsourcing firm specializing in distribution. Under his leadership IMS was awarded as one of Washington State’s fastest growing companies in 1999 and again in 2007. Dean is recognized as a leading expert in designing effective Pay for Performance incentive systems for labor intensive operations. In 2002 he graduated from the three-year Owner/President Management Program (OPM) at the Harvard Business School. In addition to his professional and academic successes, Dean was also a National Motorcycle Champion and a national caliber rower.

Chief Fishing Tactician and Editor of the Fishing Coaches "System": Dale Dorcas

The person you can complain to if you don’t catch lots of fish by your 4th trip to one of our fishing scenarios!

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Webmaster/Photographer: Brad Snowder

B.S. Physics, M.Ed. Science Education
Owner of Skywise Unlimited

Favorite Fish:
    Eastern Brook Trout (even if it is really a char).

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Bookkeeping/Payroll: Mary Ellen      Email Mary Ellen

CPA: John Zaremba
Quickbooks, Misc. Accounting Consultant: Kris Freeberg

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Graphic/Artistic Design & Consulting: Karma Stephens

Logo, Game plans, Adobe Indesign Suite consultant etc.


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Database Designing & Consulting: Joanna Littlefield
Legal: J. Kamrar, C. Lackey

Organizational, employment, tax-exempt status, etc.

Legal (copyright law): R. Hughes
Fishing Equipment Manager: Dale Dorcas

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