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1. Top scenarios for 200 to 300+ hookups per boat/weekend

2. Top scenarios for 100 to 200 hookups per boat/weekend

3. Top scenarios for 70 to 100 hookups per boat/weekend

4. Big or "Trophy" fish, under 70 hookups per boat/weekend

5. "Just" For Little Kids

6. Special Scenarios

        130 Most Productive Catching
        Scenarios in the Pacific Northwest

We try to help members get the equivalent of an average of 215 hookups/weekend for their family’s boat, like Dale (our President/Founder) does. Click here for 34 reasons we hook so many fish.

This list of the 130 most productive catching scenarios in the Northwest is broken up into 6 chapters (click on them to view them):

1. 1 through 24: Top scenarios for 200 to 300+ hookups/boat/weekend

2. 25 through 74: Top scenarios for 100 to 200 hookups/boat/weekend

3. 75 through 87: Top scenarios for 70 to 100 hookups/boat/weekend

4. 88 through 120: Big or "Trophy" fish, under 70 hookups/boat/weekend

5. 121 through 124: "Just" For Little Kids

6. 125 through 130 (Special Scenarios!) Lake Samish

Scores are based on the pace of the grand total combined number of "hookups" over 2 days for a father and two grown sons in their boat (or fishing from shore if a boat isn't the most productive way).

Dale is confident his boat can do this well when he religiously follows our "10 Catching Rules (and when he’s not just experimenting).

Some "rules" include:

  1. Only going when our "Timing Details" indicate it’s the peak time to fish there
    (usually only 7 – 20 days per year).
  2. Following our "Game plan" for that spot!
  3. Getting 4 trips under his belt, there! Don’t give up on the first few trips - even if you get skunked - and try to learn that spot like crazy the first 4 trips.
We encourage catch and release.
Having an enjoyable fishing trip is certainly not just about how many fish you hook. So just relax and have fun out there!

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