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Tailored Fishing Calendars

What’s does Fishing Coaches Mean by “Custom Calendar”?

Glad you asked.

By “Custom,” we don’t just mean “a computer puts your name on it,” though it does. What we mean is that Fishing Coaches will enter your answers to our 32 question Preferences Survey into our massive computer database—the most comprehensive we’ve seen specifically focusing on NW sport fishing. Then we’ll run formulas that select and prioritize your likely “Favorite” Scenarios.

The result is “tailor made.” For example:


You want to catch fish for dinner
Within two hours of your home,
Which average over 15” long,
From a 16 foot boat,
Crewed also by your son and daughter, who, like you--
Don’t mind crowds.


You’ll get a completely different calendar from a Fishing Coaches Member who

Prefers catch and release fishing for trout,
Including fish under 15” long,
While walk or wade fishing streams or rivers,
To which he’ll travel five hours each way,
As long as he also finds solitude and great scenery.

It’s a “Custom Calendar,” either way, highlighting your best bets from over a hundred Fishing Coaches hand-picked destinations. Better yet, most of these will be linked to specific Fishing Coaches Gameplans — some of the most detailed “When” and “How to” fishing articles you’ll find anywhere!

Click to view these free examples of our game plans (Adobe Reader required).

Here is an example of a tailored fishing calendar.

Sample Calendar

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